Globo Vultur Carmenere
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100% Carmenere

Carmenere is today considered the emblematic grape variety of the Chilean vineyard. The Carmenere reappeared in Chile after once thought to be extinct following the phylloxera attack on Bordeaux, having actually successfully adapted itself to our Chilean wine production. This wine is velvety with round and very soft tanins, typical of Carmenere.

Valle de Colchagua - Colchagua Valley

Globo Vultur Petit Verdot
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90% Petit Verdot – 10% Carignan

This is a textured wine with smooth tannins. The mouth sensation of this wine is large and has good volume. The elegance of the Petit Verdot combines perfectly with the liveliness and freshness of the Carignan – achieving an in mouth sensation of great balance and tenor. The nose of this wine is slightly spicy, offering notes of raspberries, signature of the Carignan.

Valle de Colchagua - Colchagua Valley

Globo Vultur Sauvignon Blanc
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100% Sauvignon blanc

50% of this wine was fermented in French oak barrels and aged in them for 6 months. Unfiltered This Sauvignon Blanc is aromatic and intense as its predecessors. This wine has an elegant and refined nose, with notes of citrus and minerals, which are signature characteristics of this grape variety. You will detect notes of thiols, such as grapefruit and lime. The mouth sensation is well rounded, persistent and balanced, with a rich natural acidity; its saline and somewhat mineral.

Valle de Casablanca - Casablanca Valley